A Glossary-maker Designed by Interpreters

Dear colleagues, welcome to Intragloss

My name is Dan Kenig and I am a professional conference interpreter (aiic) with more than 20 years of experience, working mainly in Paris and Brussels.

This software is the fruit of many years of interpreting when, realizing how preparing for an event could often last much longer than the event itself, I looked for a tool that would improve my preparation work while saving me time.

I therefore partnered with Daniel Pohoryles, a software development expert and vendor, and together we created Intragloss, a software program offering specialized functions for simultaneous interpreters.

Our goal was simple: to help interpreters prepare and use glossaries more efficiently, search for terminology more smoothly and rapidly, merge glossaries with preparation documents, optimize old existing glossaries... and in general make interpreters smile happily whenever they think of preparing for an assignment.

Initial design started three years ago, and development included eighteen months of beta testing with more than 150 professional interpreters from all over the world. Five beta versions of Intragloss for Mac were released during that period, each containing bug fixes and new features - and throughout that time we received great feedback and many good suggestions from our users.

Beta testing is over now, as we feel that Intragloss is good enough to be released as a commercial software. I hope you find it as useful as I do - and please do not hesitate to send any feedback that might help us hone our services to better suit your needs!

Wishing us all a very fruitful and enjoyable work,

Dan Kenig