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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For additional information on using Intragloss check the Help menu in the software. For more information use the Contact Us form.

What is Intragloss?

Intragloss is a software productivity tool designed to allow interpreters to streamline their preparation process before and during assignments, by helping them search for terminology and easily create and use glossaries.

How can I learn more about Intragloss?

How much does it cost?

Intragloss is sold by subscription. All subscription plans include support and updates.

Subscription prices in US Dollars
Duration One Month Three Months One Year Two Years Three Years
Initial 49 99 269 439 549
Renewal 49 99 219* 309* 359*

*Special rates for customers having a current yearly subscription (one, two or three years).
In order to purchase the program, Download the free trial, install the software on your computer, start Intragloss and use the menu Purchase.
The software comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee.
Interpreting students - we have a very special offer for you, please Contact Us directly.

When will Intragloss be available for Windows, iPad, Android etc?

Intragloss currently works on Mac computers only. We have started to develop a Windows version. We will contact all customers having registered for beta testing when a beta version becomes available. We are also considering porting Intragloss to mobile platforms but we have nothing to announce yet.

What happens to my data when I use Intragloss? Can anyone else see my documents or glossaries without my permission?

NO. Your Intragloss-related data (preparation documents, glossaries, output documents and so on) are located ON YOUR COMPUTER only. We do not have access to your data. We may ask for your permission to receive your statistical usage data; but this only refers to software usage info (e.g., the frequency of using this or that feature). We do not have access to your searches, documents or glossaries.

Intragloss seems great! Where else can I read about you?

Intragloss is a new product and we are starting to get noticed.

  • Read an entry by professional conference interpreter Dr. Anja Rütten about Intragloss in her blog.
  • Dan Kenig interviewed about Intragloss on Alexander Drechsel's great podcast.